Business Legals (GDPR) with Shalini Nandan

Shalini is a lawyer and coach for small business. She has always loved the law and yearned to work differently from traditional legal practice.

Now, in coaching and mentoring women in business from start-up to whenever, Shalini helps her tribe by using life skills gained from her “other” life—as an entrepreneur in two countries, cohabiting in two distinct cultures, and lawyering in two jurisdictions.

Shalini is also a mother, partner, journalist, community worker, spiritual seeker and self-confessed lover all things that are based in joy, ease and grace!

For Shalini, happiness in professional life is helping businesswomen to look at their legal challenges as an opportunity for personal and business growth, while providing practical legal support, having fun, and learning lots along the way!

In this Masterclass we cover

  • What is GDPR and what it REALLY MEANS
  • How to make sure your business is compliant
  • Understanding why being compliant matters
  • Why GDPR is a blessing and not a curse

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