Marketing & PR with Linda Reed-Enever

When it comes to public relations, marketing and the media – Linda Reed-Enever is the quintessential “go to girl”.

Linda not only understands publicity but lives and breathes it, connecting people and ideas through her PR Company ThoughtSpot PR, her highly successful media agency, Media Connections, and her innovative online business community Business Business Business.

Linda has a comprehensive understanding of storytelling and promotions, message crafting, the media and how to work with it. Linda has worked with businesses of all sizes creating concise and captivating messages to have their voice heard. Her realm stretches from the big players to the small start-ups looking to have their story told.

Linda Reed-Enever is connecting with us this thursday to share with us Power Ways to Market your Business Outside of Facebook Groups.

In this Masterclass we cover;

  • Scheduling Marketing activities into your week
  • Linkedin Marketing and why you should be on there
  • How to sell yourself as the expert with feel like you're selling at all
  • Why you should get to events
  • Content creation and distribution tools
  • Making videos for online sharing
  • Why you need to talk to your local paper
  • Lots of great apps and tools to help you do all of the above

Video Recording


Resources and Downloads


Linda mentioned a lot of great tools during her session - here are the links to each of these.

MissingLettr - this platform takes your blog post and drafts 12 months worth of social posts for you to share to facebook, twitter, google plus & LinkedIn. This coupon gets you 50% off the first 6 months - CLICK HERE

A link to Linda's FREE Newsworthy Moments In Business class - to help you share your business message with the media. 

Five min marketing tip - publish your blog posts to Medium 

One their resource page Linda's team offer a LOAD of Press Release Templates - for all different occasions / industries - CLICK HERE.

Quu - a site of hand-curated content suggestions to add to your social media content.

Linda's Facebook Group