Successful Collaborations with Beatriz Guevara

Beatriz Guevara is an Collaboration Expert & Business Mentor, Mastermind & Workshop Facilitator.

She is originally from Venezuela (South America) but have been living in Melbourne with her her husband and her 2 yo boy for more than 7 years.

Before starting her business Colabora - Collaboration for Success almost two years ago. she worked in Human Resources in the corporate world for +8 years. She now uses her coaching and mentoring skills as well as her passion for talent development into her own business.
As a Collaboration Expert & Business Mentor, Beatriz helps multipassionate and connection driven entrepreneurs grow profitable and sustainable businesses in alignment with their values and their own definition of success.

She works mainly with women in the the startup phase of business that are not afraid to experiment and think outside the box to find their flow. She holds the space, facilitate the connections, provide the resources, ongoing support and mentoring so they can experience the power of collaboration and learn how to use it as a mindset tool and free marketing strategy into their business.

She believes the real joy comes from our journey. Achieving our goal is just the result of the lessons we learn, the connections we make and the people we help.

In this Masterclass we cover

  • What is SEO
  • Why SEO for products is different
  • Tools to help you manage your SEO
  • 7 Rules of product descriptions

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