90 Day Action Plan with Elle Roberts

My passion is empowering women! I do that through my work by helping women build businesses by their own design and to their own rules! I am known as a creativity coach and business mentor but in truth is a #CreativityChampion, a massive believer in the collective power of people and a savvy business strategist. I would love to never again see women in business become a slave to their businesses, so I’m on a mission to help women clarify their priorities and planning, set up systems and process to improve productivity and help them get the hard nagging job done so they don’t have to worry. I work with lady bosses to help them build businesses by their own design and to their own rules! I want to help women stop being a slave to their business. I believe instead your business should be your vehicle to do what you love, be a part of something bigger and express all the amazing talents you have to offer, while making a sustainable income.

In this Masterclass we cover

  • Reviewing your past three months
  • Setting goals, both long term and short term
  • Assessing your assets for the next 90 days
    • time
    • money
    • energy
  • Breaking down goals into Action Items
  • Predicting Roadblocks
  • Creating a Calendar

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